About Jamie

Hi there! I’m Jamie, writer, designer, and general purveyor of creative things. I like making things. I like helping people make sense of their chaotic brains. And, I like healing, moving forward, growth, and the emotional processes of finding self-love and self-acceptance.


On this website, you’ll find online writing workshops tailored to people who are truth-seekers, deep thinkers, sensitive souls, and probably the ones who overthink themselves into anxiety (me!). I’ve found that the number one way to counteract an overactive mind is to develop ironclad self-awareness. To know oneself. To examine the world. To not let anyone else decide for you how you should be, how you should think, or what you should do with your one big precious life.

These workshops are designed to help you out of the labyrinth of your own mind. To rewrite your story. To analyze your past. To go inward and find change outward. To develop a strong sense of inner peace. And to truly experience self-love, self-acceptance, and to have the tools to bring yourself back there when you inevitably fall. This is about resilience, not perfection.

Perfection is not allowed here.

I’m a writer and designer and now a teacher. I’ve written for Fusion, Complex, The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, New York Observer, Greatist, Thought Catalog, and publish my personal writing on Medium and my Facebook page. (You can see clips of my writing here.) I’m starting a blog soon, which will be community-sponsored, so look out for more information on that.

I also run a creative agency called Shatterboxx that specializes in authentic branding, web design, and social media consulting. In my spare time, I ruminate on the future books I will write and try not to let my overactive brain turn me into a puddle of anxiety (daily struggle!).

I live in Los Angeles with my Tunisian husband, Houssem. (We met in Paris. It’s a good story. I’ll write a book about it, don’t worry.) I’m a multidisciplinary artist and all I really want is to feel less alone in this world by sharing with others what I feel alone about. It’s very healing!

Thanks for being here. Let’s write it out. Let’s grow together. Let’s talk feelings and the things nobody else talks about. Let’s get it all out in the open. And let’s feel less alone—together.

xo, j