how to be more committed, consistent & creative!

We all know by now that commitment and consistency are the foundations of a creative, healthy, productive life. Even if you’re not a creative, there is so much value in listening to yourself and doing the things you say you want to do. However, lots of us create goals and dreams from a place of shame or because we think we “should” do a certain thing, since everyone else is doing it. It’s very hard to be committed to things when you don’t even know WHY you’re committing to them.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the emotional setbacks that could be getting in your way. I’ll give you tangible, practical exercises to work through what’s keeping you from consistency, commitment, and creativity—and why you might be breaking promises to yourself. We’ll talk about shame and also the gentle, compassionate way of going about setting goals.

If you want to make significant changes in your life and are already feeling like you’ve lost track or, even if you want to incorporate a few new habits into your life—this workshop will be extremely beneficial. Far beyond the superficial conversations around productivity and habit-making, this workshop will go into the deeper conversation about commitment, productivity, habits, and discipline.

My unique approach to building habits has transformed my life, but it started not with action, but with intense self-awareness and self-examination into my true desires, my true priorities, and the true reasons that were getting in the way of me creating the kind of life I really wanted. I’ll teach all that and more in this workshop!

This workshop is best for: Absolutely anyone who wants to have a productive and committed 2017. This is a great workshop for people who are tired of the too-intense conversations around productivity and want a gentler, more compassionate approach.

Where: Online through Crowdcast. Once you purchase the workshop, you’ll be sent a link to the room.

Price: $75 $49

What this workshop covered:

  • Emotional setbacks that you might not realize are getting in the way of you being committed and consistent
  • Why commitment and consistency are so important
  • A better, more sustainable approach to productivity (and why those Medium articles about 5 hour morning routines are total bullshit)
  • The best, fail-proof way to set goals for yourself—and to actually attain them
  • How to set yourself up to be successful at whatever you put your mind to
  • How to stop berating yourself for not sticking with a new plan—and how to make a plan you’ll stick to
  • How to do much less, simplify your life, and be even more focused
  • How to approach the things you want to do with gentleness and compassion
  • How to identify what you truly want out of your life and what’s most important
  • How to manage your time in a way that doesn’t make you crazy
  • How to identify your downfalls—and how to best circumvent them
  • How to be incredibly honest with yourself about what’s holding you back
  • How to alleviate fear
  • Why setting goals and wanting a better life can feel vulnerable
  • How to incorporate true, honest, no-bullshit gratitude into your life
  • How to let go of things you think you should be doing and actually do the things you want to be doing
  • Q&A during the workshop
  • Live coaching with me to show these lessons in practice

What you get:

  • Unlimited replays of the course
  • PDF worksheet of all practical exercises taught in the workshop