how to write things lots of people will connect with

In an oversaturated world, standing out—especially as a writer—has become more difficult than ever. If you’ve ever wondered how some people can write things that millions of people connect with while others write only to a small audience, then this workshop is for you. I’ve written pieces that only a handful of people have read, but I have also written pieces that millions have read. And I’m sharing in this workshop everything I know about writing to connect with a large audience of people.

Additionally, this workshop will include personalized notes on one piece of writing that you will work on after the workshop. I’ll give you notes and feedback on an essay you submit to me. The notes and feedback won’t be specific to grammar or technical skills, but will show you were you’re not connecting in your writing, where your voice is or is not coming through, and how to better write to a more universal audience.

This workshop is best for: Writers who want to connect with a large audience of people. Non-writers will also get value from this workshop, but it’s mostly geared toward people who really desire to write their truth and have that connect with lots of people. You don’t have to be a professional writer by any means, but definitely a passion for the written word will be necessary to love this workshop!

When: Saturday, November 19th, 2016 at 1-3pm EST / 10am-12pm PST. NOTE: You don’t need to be live to attend. All attendees will receive a replay and workshop materials.

Where: Online through Crowdcast. Once you purchase the workshop, you’ll be sent a link to the room.

Price: $175

What this workshop will cover:

  • A deconstructed look at what has made pieces of writing resonate with millions
  • The difference between writing for yourself and writing for others
  • How to determine what you’re really trying to write about
  • How to make sure your specific voice is coming through in your writing
  • How to use the internet to research concepts and ideas
  • The need for offline inspiration
  • Why solitude and time for thinking/meditation is important
  • How to use visualization and intentions to attract audiences
  • How to brainstorm ideas and outline pieces of writing
  • Why some writing flows and other writing is so difficult
  • How to get your work published
  • An assignment for a piece that will be edited and critiqued
  • Q&A during the workshop

What you get:

  • Unlimited replays of the course
  • PDF worksheet of how to develop good, original ideas
  • Feedback and edits from me on an essay you send to me (instructions and deadlines will be given to you at the workshop)
  • Access to a private Facebook group of likeminded people where you can discuss ideas and be your most honest