everything I know about living vulnerably, openly, & honestly

By this point, most of us know that the foundation of a good life starts with honesty, vulnerability, openness. In order to heal, we must be able to face that which we need to heal from. We cannot escape ourselves, no matter how much we try to. We cannot avoid what is scratching to be heard inside of us, no matter how much we tamp it down.

The question is: how do you live a vulnerable, honest life? What even is vulnerability? And, how do you be honest with yourself when you’re scared of doing so? How do you tap into your real emotions? How do you do all of this practically and without losing yourself in it?

This workshop will cover all of this and more. It will be all about how I learned to be startlingly honest with myself and with others, how I live a vulnerable life (in a real, genuine way). This is everything I’ve learned about being open, honest, strong, and self-accepting. It’s what I used to build a foundation for a good life where I don’t hide, I don’t cower, and I certainly don’t escape any longer.

This workshop is best for: People who want to live more truthfully to themselves and to others, who are craving self-growth.

Where: Online through Crowdcast. Once you purchase the workshop, you’ll be sent a link to the room.

Price: $75 $49

What this workshop covered:

  • What vulnerability really is and how I learned to feel comfortable being vulnerable
  • How to start being honest with yourself and how I learned to call bullshit on myself when I know I’m not being truthful
  • How I use my feelings and emotional responses to recognize when I’m hedging or skirting around the truth
  • Why I believe vulnerability and honesty is so incredibly important—and how it heals not just ourselves but everyone around us
  • All the advice about vulnerability that doesn’t work and all the advice that does
  • Life advice I loathe and why I think you should develop your own rules
  • Why selfishness is essential to creating an honest life
  • How to withstand criticism and negativity
  • Why vulnerability is strong and what many people get wrong about being emotionally open
  • How to use your sensitivity to bring you closer to yourself and others
  • Why self-acceptance is a natural byproduct of living honestly
  • How to overcome fear
  • Plus much more!
  • Q&A during the workshop

What you get:

  • Unlimited replays of the course
  • PDF of 30 writing prompts